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This is one long overdue engagement session of my colleague, Roger, and his wife (fiancee then), Yukiko.  Their engagement session was so much fun.  Like me, Roger is a big goofball which made for some great candids below.  Yukiko has a great laugh and smile which made me want to laugh and smile.  Did I mention that Roger is an avid photographer himself?  The guy was taking landscape shots during their session!  “Ummm…Roger, can we get back to taking your engagement pics?!?  Put your camera down.”  LOL!  Wedding pics coming soon.  In the meantime, enjoy these images.

Here’s Roger at play with his camera.  It’s hard not to when you have such beautiful landscape and textures.

I love this cute picture of Yukiko.

I was privileged to capture Ikue and Hiroki’s wedding day.  And now I am doubly blessed to witness and capture the birth of their daughter, Mikoto.  I have witnessed the birth of my own three daughters but it truly never gets old.  It is miraculous to see the birth of a life!  Ikue and Hiroki, I am so happy for you both.  Mikoto is blessed to have you as Mommy and Daddy.  Congratulations!!

Labor is not fun!!

She’s almost here!!


Mommy’s first touch.

“She’s beautiful!!”

A family is formed.

Happy grandparents!

Daddy can’t get enough.

Getting ready to go home.

“Thank you, everyone!”