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Our 3-year old took a crash course on swimming recently and she really had fun.  She will probably continue the lessons but this post is not about her.  It’s about our neighbor’s son, Fuuta.  His mother, a good neighbor friend of ours, has been taking Fuuta to swimming lessons since he was less than a  year old.  He has made great strides in his swimming and his mom wanted me to document one of his lessons.  I had a blast and as you will see, Fuuta is the most adorable little boy around.  Mia is glad to be good buds with him.  And now, I introduce to you swimming boy wonder….FUUUUUUUUUUTA!!!!


See how advanced Fuuta is!  Everybody else is twice his age.


Future Japanese Olympian?


Fuuta knows how to have a good laugh between laps.






How was my timing on that last one?


Here I was experimenting with the Lensbaby Composer.  Using it is harder than I thought but lots of fun!  Dad just loves Fuuta.  Very proud of his boy.


The textures are courtesy of Totally Rad Actions’ Dirty Pictures plug-in.  If you haven’t bought it yet, I give my highest recommendation to the TRA Actions set.


Want to see more of Fuuta?  Check out the Animoto slideshow below.

Swim Class Sneak Preview

August 25, 2009


Inspiration 101

August 14, 2009

To see the full post and the context of this video, go to Zack Arias’ blog:

Ahhh…summer is here and what better way to spend it in Japan by going to festivals.  We went to Kokura City to experience the Wasshoi Festival and see the fireworks at night.  Mia was mesmerized by the fireworks, Abby cried, and Emmy slept the whole time.  And my honey got claustrophobic because of the suffocating large number of people there.  This is the biggest festival in our area and so I think Anne will enjoy attending the smaller festivals later this summer.  Enjoy the pics and come visit us sometime to experience summer festivals in Japan!

Abby’s still trying to figure out the peace sign.


One of many food stalls offering tasty Japanese summer food.


I wish I had an aerial view because this pic doesn’t do justice to the large number of people who have gathered on this night.



Japanese couple taking in the festivities from a distance.